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Residency Programs and Directors in the MAPS states

Here is some information on Residency Programs and Directors. Please use the links provided to learn more about each program and their leadership. You can also use this page to contact each residency Program Coordinator for more information. Their emails and phone number are provided below.

 Academic Institution Chair or Chief                                          Program Director                                    Program Coordinator     Phone Number 

Medical College Wisconsin

Robert J. Havlik, MD

William W. Dzwierzynski, MDDeb Bruening(414) 805-5465

University of Wisconsin

Mike Bentz, MD

Neil Salyapongse, MD

Steph Marten

(608) 263-1367 



Mayo Clinic

Steve Moran MD

Samir Mardini, M.D.

Lisa Banks


University of Minnesota

Bruce Cunningham, MD

James Fletcher, M.D.

Mariah Ipsan



University of Illinois at Chicago

Mimis Cohen, MD

Mimis Cohen, MD

Mary Mouw

(312) 996-9313

Loyola University

Victor Cimino, MD

Victor Cimino, MD

Sheila Lawshea


Rush University

John Polley, MD

Gordon Derman, MD

Brittany Hoelterhoff

(312) 563-2558

University of Chicago

David Song, MD

Julie Park, MD

Evelyn Kuzma

(773) 795-1240

Northwestern Medical School

Gregory A Dumanian, MD

Gregory A Dumanian, MD

Khristi Autajay

(312) 695-5674

Southern Illinois University

Mike Neumeister, MD

Nicole Sommer, MD

Jean Weitekamp




University of Iowa

W. Thomas Lawrence, MD

W. Thomas Lawrence, MD

Billie Ruden

(319) 467-5302



Indiana University

Rajiv Sood, M.D.

John Coleman III, MD

Rhonda Gerding




University of Michigan

Paul Cederna, MD

Steve Kasten, MD

Janice Davis

(734)936- 5732

Grand Rapids Medical Education Program

Ewa Timek, MD

Ronald D. Ford, MD

Program Coordinator

(616) 391-1909

Henry Ford Hospital/ Wayne State University

Scott A. Dulchavsky, MD, PhD


Lisa Ware

(313) 745-7514

Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Program

Eti Gursel, MD

Eti Gursel, MD

Jean Rakowski




University of Kansas

Richard A. Korentager, MD

Richard A. Korentager, MD

Jenny Hascall

(913) 588-2000



Washington University

Susan MacKinnon, MD

Marissa Tenenbaum, MD

Julie Follman

(314) 747-0541

University of Missouri

Charles Puckett, MD

Stephen Colbert, MD

Jani Sapp

(573) 882-2277

St. Louis University

Bruce Kraemer, MD

Bruce Kraemer, MD

Michele Bowman

(314) 577-8317



University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Program

Ronald R. Hollins, M.D., D.M.D.

Ronald R. Hollins, M.D., D.M.D.

Toni Harris

(402) 559-4344


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